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Quality home painting is a real skill. You may think that it is simple to apply paint to interior walls or the outside of a house. However, when you need to have the outside of your home and any interior walls painted, it is important to choose a painting contractor who has a lot of experience. At Do Right Painting, we have been expertly painting homes and commercial buildings for many years.

Located in Pocatello, ID, Do Right Painting specializes in quality painting at competitive prices. As we like to say, “No job too tall, No job too small!” This means that we will paint pretty much any size home or structure, or will even happily work on only one room. We will paint virtually any type of interior surface, but our specialties are walls, ceilings and cabinets. For the outside of your home, we are experts at painting all different types of materials, from wood shingles to fiber-cement siding to brick.

We offer complete painting services. This means we will manage every aspect of each job, including:

• Cleaning—Interior walls will be washed to eliminate surface dust and grime. For house exteriors, we will pressure wash with the proper detergent to get rid of mold, mildew and any dirt.

• Scraping—House exteriors may require that old, loose paint be scraped away with a wire brush.

• Wall and Exterior Minor Repairs—We will patch any small holes or dents in walls and any minor flaws on the exterior. If required, we will also sand.

• Taping—The edges around windows, doors, trims and abutting surfaces like cabinets will be taped.

• Priming—The proper primer will be applied to interior walls, and to any bare wood on exterior paint jobs.

The interior of your home or your yard will be protected during every paint project. We take special trouble to lay down drop cloths and carefully tie back any shrubs or small trees that may be against the house. And we promise not to trample on any flowerbeds!

Consult Do Right Painting today so we can put together an estimate for you. We know that we offer very reasonable prices, without sacrificing quality!

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